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Admissions & Fee policy

Fee Policy

Fee structure of the school can be obtained from school office or downloaded from the school website. Fee structure is subject to change.

At the time of admission, the student needs to pay Registration Fee, School Fee, store fee and Mess fee.

Registration Fee

This can be made any time prior to admission even a year before. After the remittance of registration, parents will be intimated about the date for interview and admission test.

School Fee

The School Fee is applicable for the School academic year and can be paid in two installments, term-wise at the time of admission (for new students)/ in the month of May and the second installment in the month of November every year.

The School Fee covers all of the tuition fee and other expenses.

The contingency / Store Fee

The contingency / Store Fee covers materials such as Text books, Note books, uniform, Shoe, Socks, laboratories, co-curricular activities, sports etc for the academic year.

The Mess Fee

The Mess Fee include Breakfast, Two times Snacks with Health drinks and Lunch.

Security Deposit

Every student admitting into EGSPJ for Boarding needs to pay a Caution deposit as prescribed by the school. This is a refundable interest-free deposit returnable at the time of the students leaving the school.

Any dues of the student shall be recovered from his/her security deposit. The Caution Deposit shall be refunded within 60 days of withdrawal/ passing out of the student after adjusting unpaid dues.