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The EGSPJ International School (EGSPJ ) highlights some of its programmes and policies to get an overview about EGSPJ

At EGSPJ International School, we believe that a school should inspire a love of learning while promoting children’s social growth, emotional growth, intellectual development and creativity.

We believe that children learn best in a positive environment with careful direction and guidance from teachers who demonstrate caring and concern for each child. We believe that a school should encourage exploration and inquiry in an environment enriched with opportunities in the arts and sciences, and we believe that a school’s instructional programs should ensure that students reach their full potential for academic achievement. To achieve these goals, The New School is committed to selecting outstanding teachers and supporting them with the highest quality of professional development.

At ESPJ International School, we to promote a sense of community that helps each child and family feel connected and valued. We believe that school programs should promote kindness and cooperation to all members of the school community, including students, parents, faculty and staff.

We believe that a school should help students become good citizens with a sense of responsibility and respect for others within the school community and throughout the world beyond.

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English will be the official language and the language of instruction in EGSPJ .

The prime focus is given for reading competency and other communicative skills. To enhance this a lot of special facilities are provided and to name a few….

  • English language lab
  • Theatre
  • English reading kit
  • Story telling arena
  • Phonics and spell bee
  • Library with 10,000 books

Academic Facilities

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • English Language Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Computer Science Lab
  • Junior Science Lab
  • R/D centre for Science & Excellence
  • Maths Lab
  • Spacious Library
  • Media-Centre
  • Studios for Art, Music
  • Dance theatre
  • and more..