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Sports and Games

Sports and Games

Participation in sports and games forms an integral part of the EGSPJ curriculum.

EGSPJ believes that organized sports activities teach the students the importance of social behavior .

Afternoon sports activity is mandatory for all students. The school encourages all students to choose at least one of the available sports and games and practice it regularly so that they will develop skills that are necessary to play at competitive level.

The play fields are extensive and include fields for Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Tennis, Table Tennis and athletics.

House system

The school believes that the house system will promote a spirit of friendly, rivalry and healthy competition in sporting, cultural and other school related activities. The houses give a feeling of belonging to members of the school from different grades in a vertical fashion. Each house will have a house master (a teacher coordinator), a house captain and a vice-captain.

In the lower classes (Standard One to Three) the four houses are named as Junior Houses and in the higher classes (Standard 4 and Above) are named as Senior houses. The school will have four houses namely.